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H DHAMI Signs to VIP Records


VIP records are proud to announce the signing of the world renowned artist that goes by the name of H-Dhami .Many of you will know him from the success of his chart topping album “Sadke Java” and his work with Rishi Rich H Dhami is now ready to step back onto the scene with a… [Continue Reading]

Bups Saggu ft Manjit Pappu – Jump To The Bhangra


This November 2014 will mark the release of Bups Saggu’s new single entitled “Jump to the Bhangra”. The track, which will be released under VIP Records, features the vocals of Manjit Pappu.

Saggu has once again delivered a track that crosses boundaries and has universal appeal – this track seriously just makes you want to dance! Read More

Various – Sufi Vibes


A selection of 5 Sufi songs with a fused with UK beats. Featuring Ali Abbas, Romesh Chohan and Balwinder Matewaria. Music by upcoming UK producer AV Read More

Sikandar ft Bups Saggu – Sajna (Single)


Sikandar is the newest addition to the ever expanding VIP Records. After recently being runner up on BritAsia’s “I’ll Make You Famous” TV show. His introduction to the industry is produced by one of VIP’s finest Bups Saggu, who is enjoying the recent success of his album ‘Global’ but has not stopped there and has joined with Sikandar to cover a Gurdas Mann classic – “Sajna” Read More

Deep Jandu ft Gangis Khan – My Girl (Single)


Deep Jandu is back with a super hit summer song.

The single is out to download now! Read More

DJ Rags ft Nirmal Sidhu, Nav Sidhu & K Singh – Punjabi Panga


After their previous collaboration with Char Panj, DJ RAGS and Nirmal Sidhu team up again, this time with the added talents of Nav Sidhu & K Singh

“Punjabi Panga” will be out on the 18th of September on VIP Records Read More

Deep Grewal ft Cloud 9 Music – Nakhra 2014


Cloud 9 Music proudly present the debut single of the latest signing to VIP Records, “Nakhra 2014” by Deep Grewal ft. Cloud 9 Music.

Following the huge success of the “Ek Ek Saah” music video, Cloud 9 Music have once again appointed the talented cinematographers, Skylight, to create something magical for “Nakhra 2014”. Read More

Jags Klimax – Electric


Jags Klimax is here with his highly anticipated album Electric. Voted best DJ at the Asian Music Awards, Brit Asia TV Awards and International Music Awards over the years, Jags Klimax is bringing the album of the summer to the masses.

Electric releases on the 17th of July on VIP Records Read More

Epic Bhangra ft Kaka Bhaniawala – Mukhada (Single)


The Dark MC and Angel are back and set to tear apart the scene in 2014 with a collection of fresh new anthems. The duo are best known for their smash hit singles such as ‘Chori Chori Takna’, ‘Jaadu’ and ‘Aetbaar’ to name a few. Read More

The Dark MC & Angel ft Nav Sidhu – Mind Games (Single)


THE Dark MC and Angel are back and set to tear apart the scene in 2014 with a collection of fresh new anthems. The duo are best known for their smash hit singles such as ‘Chori Chori Takna’, ‘Jaadu’ and ‘Aetbaar’ to name a few.

After the recent success of newcomer Meshi, featuring on the single ‘Dil Mangdi’, the duo are ready to team up with more talent. ‘Dil Mangdi’ is currently dominating the charts and proving to be a success. Read More

Foji ft Gurlej Akhtar – Mentah (Single)


After a long two and a half years of obstacles the video is finally ready, and the arguably most awaited single from Foji entitled Mentah has now been released! Mentah has been sang and masterfully penned and produced by Foji and features the evergreen vocals of Gurlej Akhtar. Mentah is a Punjabi duet with a hint of Bollywood influence, evident throughout the music and video. Read More

Sona Walia – Sardara (Single)


Sona Walia, the talent behind recent hit songs such as ‘Aashiqui’ , ‘Krazy Heer’ and ‘Lipstick’ is back with a new captivating sound.

The journey for the new single by Sona Walia, started a year ago when the original idea of celebrating the success of sardars was created. Read More

Moneyspinner ft Raaj-Inder – Chit Karreh (Single)


They are now ready to unleash their next project ’CHIT KARREH’. “CHIT KARREH” features the raw, fresh and powerful vocals of Raaj-Inder.

Raaj-Inder, a singer based in the Panjab met MoneySpinner through Sanjeev Bhoparai whist he was performing at UK melas in 2013. Raaj-Inder was looking for a UK sound with a difference and the collaboration took place late last year. Read More

Meshi ft The Dark MC & Angel – Dil Mangdi (Single)


Meshi is a name that is going to stick in your mind; the latest musical helping to come from VIP Records. He is here with his brand new debut single- the track of the summer-Dil Mangdi featuring The Dark MC and Angel.

“Dil Mangdi” – Meshi ft THE DARK MC & Angel releases on Thursday 8th of May on VIP Records. Read More

Bups Saggu ft Sazia Judge – Lalkara (Single)


Bups Saggu introduces his first single for 2014, “Lalkara”. Releasing on the 24th of April 2014, the track is produced by Saggu and features the versatile vocals of Sazia Judge. The lyrics for “Lalkara” were penned by Parminder Sidhu and Saggu.

Saggu’s new track provides a female’s perspective on drunken behaviour in a fun and catchy manner. “Lalkara” is produced with a Desi feel, complete with comical lyrics and a roaring baseline that explodes in the chorus. Read More

Highflyers – Born Desi


After the success of the singles ‘Aaja Hun’ & ‘Shera Varge’, HIGHFLYERS return with their highly anticipated 2nd Album… ‘BORN DESI’.

In 2011, Highflyers released their self-titled Debut Album which featured the smash-hit songs ‘Baa Farke’ (feat. Late Kaka Bhainiawala), ‘The Shinda Duet’ (feat. Surinder Shinda & Maninder Shinda), ‘Daru Naal Yaari’ (feat. Late Kaka Bhainiawala) & ‘Gulabi Suit’ (feat. Meet Malkit). This album firmly introduced the Highflyers sound into the industry. Read More

Jags Klimax ft Shin DCS – Hanji (Single)


The maestro of versatility is back!

After his last smash hit single ‘Nach Sade Naal’, Jags Klimax is set to make a comeback; offering his forthcoming release ‘Hanji’.

‘Hanji’ is set to showcase what Klimax does best; fuse together a great vocal with addictive beats, sure to get any party started. Read More

JC Sona ft Dalvinder Singh & Tino Attila – Nakhro (Single)


Returning from a protracted sojourn, JC Sona is back and quick out of the blocks with his latest single “Nakhro”.

“Nakhro” will undoubtedly unleash devastation on Dance floors the world over with it’s simple yet infectious beat and catchy vocals. “Nakhro” Releases on Thursday 27th of Febuary on VIP Records Read More