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AV, born and raised in West London, UK. Yet still young, he has been in the music industry for many years, and has produced work for renowned mainstream labels such as Universal, Island Records & more. Also has ghost produced many hit tracks for the Asian industry over the years. Some would say he’s the industry’s best kept secret.
With a unique commercial sound, he has always been all for different music genres and has developed a diverse approach to his production skills.

Stepping into the industry at an early age, he started to play keys in his spare time as a child, then with a vision took it a step further and decided to pursue this as a career. Believing in learning & training, he then went on to study Music Production at University.

AV is now collaborating with the finest established artists in the UK and has some Bollywood projects lined up later this year. A 4 track EP out this summer alongside 3 music videos to go with it. Other artists he has produced forthcoming material for include Manak-E (Brand new EP out this summer), Bikram Singh, Jasjot Ghuman, MC Special, Brit Asia Superstar Finalists, many new upcoming acts & some big surprise collaborations to watch out for!

A statement from AV
‘Hey guys, I have worked hard throughout the years & also on all current projects so unlike those who release material without having any knowledge of music I hope you like all the forthcoming from myself & can support REAL talent. One Love P.S Watch out for the Academy starting up later this year! Peaceeeeeee



  1. Asim says:

    saw this guy yesterday live. his tracks ARE AWESOME. some of the best bhangr trax ive heard in time. sick sick beats.

  2. manni says:

    someone showed me this guys stuff from a studio in london earlier today…better vibe then rishi rich! as a fellow musician just wanted to say it sounded off the hookkkkk and cant wait to hear more soon!

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