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Bups Saggu ft Manjit Pappu – Jump To The Bhangra

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Release Type: Single         Release Date: 13th Nov 2014

BupsSaggu-JumpJump To The Bhangra

This November 2014 will mark the release of Bups Saggu’s new single entitled “Jump to the Bhangra”.The track, which will be released under VIP Records, features the vocals of Manjit Pappu.

Pappu’s clean and rustic vocals mesh with the urban-infused-folk sounds produced by Saggu for this dance floor hit. Saggu has once again delivered a track that crosses boundaries and has universal appeal – this track seriously just makes you want to dance!

Jump to the Bhangra” pays homage to one of Saggu’s favourite tracks: “Jump Around” by House of Pain, a hip-hop hit from the early ‘90s. Saggu explains that ”Jump Around” has always been one of his favourite party bangers and it’s one track that gets everyone going on the dance floor. “I drop “Jump Around” at a lot of my DJ shows and I wanted to give the people a Bhangra track that would elicit a similar reaction”

To truly deliver the nostalgic punch of House of Pain’s “Jump Around”, Bups Saggu & VIP Records have attained an official licence to utilise the original sample used in the mid ‘60s song “Shoot Your Shot” by Jnr. Walker & The All Stars. This makes “Jump to the Bhangra” the first Bhangra track to seek and receive the right to do so.

From “Punjabi Hurrr” to “Drama Queen” to “Battle Giddha”, Saggu’s past releases have showcased his production skills and range of musical talent. “Jump to the Bhangra” is set to be another chart topper that will have listeners jumping on the dance floor.

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