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Bups Saggu

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 Bups Saggu

Bups Saggu’s appreciation of music stems from a musically aware and appreciative family. His mum played the sitar when she was younger and his father dabbled in poetry and is a featured song writer on Bups’ new album. His personal passion for music was further developed by his exposure to pop music with shows such as Top of the Pops, which he watched religiously. Bups recalls his obsession with Hindi movies and musicals beginning at a young age, as most British Asians can relate. His interest in Bhangra wasn’t sparked until high school.

Though Bups can now play a number of instruments (Tabla, Dhol, Keyboards, Vaja-Harmonium, Drums), his first instrument was the tabla which he learnt to play at the gurdwara. On a trip to India, his mum brought him back a dhol. Instead of taking dhol lessons, Bups taught himself to play the dhol by listening to Bhangra songs and mimicking what he heard.

In his second year at school, Bups formed a Bhangra group to perform at end of year events. The dance group decided to take part in the Nagar Kirtan and as they danced along the procession, they were spotted by Punjab Bhangra Group and were asked to join. Bups continued performing with the Punjab Bhangra Group and was given the opportunity to tour and take part in competitions on a regular basis. While Bups danced with the group, he continued to teach himself to play the dhol and eventually made the decision to become a dholi. When Zee TV hosted “Your Zindagi” in Wolverhampton, a neighbour took Bups to the location and got him to start playing. Soon the camera crew was filming Bups and his dhol. Bups describes the memorable event as “the moment I realized how much I would love” performing for an audience. At the age of 14, Bups was given the opportunity to play the dhol with the Midland Boyz DJ Ranj. As Bups worked closer with DJs, he mastered performing as a dholi and began to develop an interest in DJing.

After sixth form at Colton Hills High School, Bups went to Aston University to pursue an Accounting degree. While at university Bups filled his weekends by organizing and DJing at various events. Why study accounting and not music? Bups was unsure about whether music was meant to be a hobby or a career. Plus it was the “respectable” choice that would make his parents happy as he continued to embrace his musical adventures.

During the first year of university, Bups was head hunted by the Safri Boys and joined them as a dhol player while pursuing a part-time career as a DJ.

His focus was House and Trance music during his university years. His weekend gigs made him a well known and respected DJ within the club circuit. Bups was also part of a team of promoters that began the Bhangra student night craze with a popular student night called “Jawani”. Soon after, the concept of Student Bhangra Nights grew and branched out around the country; all this while still attending classes, although he disliked his degree, and playing alongside the Safri Boys.

His years with the Safri Boys provided him the chance to work with singers and bands such as DCS, Malkit Singh, Hans Raj Hans, and Jassi Sidhu.

After completing his degree (with a 2.1), Bups withdrew from performing in the club night life and concentrated on weekend gigs with the Midland Boyz Roadshow and as part of Jassi Sidhu’s band.

In 2004, Bups made the decision to move to London and study music production and recording at IMW (Islington Music Workshop). He had finally made the decision to pursue his musical passion as a career. Once at IMW, he knew this is where he wanted to be. Bups often says “if I could spend the rest of my life as a producer and earn a living, I would be happy!” While at IMW, Bups continued to tour and perform with Jassi Sidhu and the band playing around the globe.

Bups graduated from IMW and moved back to the Midlands and found himself take on an accounting job upon his arrival back home. This is when Bups joined a collective called the Rhythm Shakers (Realtone Records) consisting of 3 members; Bups, Sunny and Superjones. The collective released an album that incorporated the musical tastes and talents of all three members.

The Rhythm Shakers ended with a single album release entitled “The Album”. During that year, Bups went on to start his own live entertainment/roadshow company called “Groove Asia”. He has managed to build the company up to a very high standard and renowned reputation. But he wasn’t satisfied yet.

Over the years, Bups worked hard as an accountant and performed alongside the biggest names in the music business including Jassi Sidhu, Jay Sean, Russel Peters, Malkit Singh, Hans Raj Hans, Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif to mention a few and most recently at the world premiers of the box office hit Speedy Singh’s. All that hard work did pay off as he saved enough money and was able to construct a recording studio, Loft Recordings, and provide top end recording technology for the recording studio. He had achieved another goal!

The solo debut album, Redefined, was a journey that took Bups from the UK to India and back again. He sought out the best vocalists, song writers and musicians to help bring his musical vision to life. For the end product to be a unique reflection of Bups’ ability and personality he knew the product would require a vast sum of time, attention and effort! With this in mind, Bups left his day job as an accountant and dedicated the past year to his album in order to launch the career he had always longed for.

A year ago, Bups was living the life of his alter ego, the Accountant. With the release of ‘Redefined’ Bups’ transition from the nine to five professional, to the full time music producer and entertainer is complete.

From the tabla to the turn tables, from accountant to certified music producer, Bups Saggu has travelled a journey that has been filled with personal realisations, challenging decisions and ultimate satisfaction. Bups Saggu has redefined himself and is now ready to showcase his talents to the world.


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