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JK – Gabru Panjab Dha

JK - Gabru Panjab Dha

You’ve seen the face, you’ve heard the voice and you know the name – JK! Two little letters that represent possibly one of the most wanted Bhangra artists within the industry today. Ever since the release of his first video single ‘Gabru Panjab Dha’ at the tail end of 2008, fans have been eagerly anticipating the debut release of this young prospect. Well the wait is almost over as the monster album ’Gabru Panjab Dha’ is scheduled to release on Thursday 30th June 2011 packed full to the brim… Read More

Josh – Beyond Kismat

Josh - Beyond Kismat

ONLY A CLUTCH of artists make an impact around the world like the Canadian JoSH have done so – by breaking barriers with their music. Toronto based, via Pakistan and India, the duo, Rupinder Magon (p/k/a/ Rup) and Qurram Hussain (p/k/a/ Q) have delivered a sound that is unique, addictive and universal. They have sold over 2 million records worldwide allowing them to play sold out arenas. Read More

Mangal Singh – Celebrations


Mangal Singh, a household name in many homes. Many of you will remember him from his ‘Chirag Pehchan’ days where he released a total of 11 albums with the band which included hit tracks such as ‘Rail Gaddi’, ‘Jatt Soormay’ and many others. Mangal Singh’s songs have featured in 53 films… Read More

Various – Desi Dance


VIP Records are proud to present ‘Desi Dance’, an experimental album the latest to release from the label which will be available at a special retail price of only £5.99. This album is different from music which is normally released from VIP Records as it has alternative dance beats fused with Bhangra style vocals. Read More

Various – Bhangra Duets


VIP Records are proud to present ‘Bhangra Duets’, a 10 track budget album which will retail at only £5.99. The album is supported by one video which has been taken from Miss Pooja and Meet Malkit’s song titled ‘Pariyan’ produced by Saqi. Bhangra Duets showcases the debut single ‘Jind Jaan’ from… Read More

Kulvinder Singh Johal – Mundeh Panjabi


Having broken records with the smash hit single ‘Johal Boliyan’; Vip Records are proud to present the debut album by folk vocalist Kulvinder Singh Johal titled ‘Mundeh Panjabi’. The 10 track album has been produced by Kaos Productions & also features three singles by Tru Skool; the producer behind ‘Johal Boliyan’ which spent an incredible seven weeks… Read More

Dolly Singh – Dream


Release Type: Album — Release Date: 3rd June 2010   01 – Ishq 02 – Dream 03 – Babua 04 – Locket 05 – Been 06 – Sass Meri 07 – Akhian 08 – Ruttan 09 – Suhag 10 – Dream N/A N/A  

Bhagwantjit – Mohabbat


After his introduction with the debut album, ‘Surajmukhi’, now comes the follow up release ‘Mohabbat’. The album is a ten track production which also includes a single remix. The album also consists of a romantic duet showcasing the fresh talent by the name of Renu. Highlights include ‘Kinna Pyar Karan’ and ‘Jee Nai Lagda’. Read More

Gtown Desi – 1134


Gtown Desi regarded as Scotland’s most unique Urban Asian collective is comprised of 5 individuals from differing backgrounds fused together with talents reigning from Djing, music production, radio hosting and event management. Read More

Various – Pure Desi Volume 3


VIP Records are proud to present the third instalment in the chart topping ‘Pure Desi’ series. February will see the highly anticipated release of ‘Pure Desi Volume 3’, with the series previously delivering diverse hits such as ‘Tarrak Tarhi’, ‘Teri Tor Vek Ke’ & ‘Bhabiye Akh Largayi’ to name a few. Read More

Bhagwant Maan – Just Laugh Baki Maaf


Bhagwant Maan, A household name in the punjabi comedy industry. Maan is not only is he big in Punjab he is loved all over the world for his unique blend of clean punjabi humour. Maan is popular with all ages and tours around the world have always sold out! Read More

Various – Hardcore Desi 2


After the huge success of Hardcore Desi, VIP Records are proud to present Hardcore Desi Vol 2. The album features mind blowing tracks from Lehmber, Bakshi Billa, Labh Janjua and Pappi Gill. The album is supported by 2 videos for the tracks Warrant and Talli. The music is produced by up and coming producer; Beatminister. Read More

Jade – Temptation


Jade, a British born vocalist from Birmingham is one of the most dynamic and versatile performers in modern day bhangra. He has excelled on stage for the last ten years, where he started his career at the age of only seventeen. Jinder Jade has been thriving on stages from U.K to Europe and now overseas. Read More

Twin Beats – The Sounds Of Punjab


Set to make their mark in the Bhangra industry, with over a decade of dj’ing experience in both the club scene and the roadshow market; Twin Beats have torn-up dancefloors worldwide. After years of developing their production skills, they are eager to exhibit yet another facet to their talents. Twin Beats are ready to release their debut album… Read More

Various – Bhangra House Party


On the 6th of November sees the releases of Bhangra House Party. The album features 17 tracks, with 8 remixes from the VIP back catalogue and 5 fresh new tracks. Read More

G S Chaggar – Blacklisted


GSChaggar is a twenty-six year old turntablist/ music producer from the Midlands, UK. Having played the dhol in bands for many years, he decided in 2004 he would turn his attention on becoming a music producer… Thanks to his talent of the dhol and… Read More

Dj Gurps – Expectations


He captivates crowds while he murders the turntables. DJ Gurps has quite a strong fan following and his good looks and talent help him flourish as a DJ. His unique style can be heard at some of the hottest venues Worldwide & around the UK. He started Dj-ing… Read More

Sahib G – The Manuscript


Sahib-G the groundbreaking virtuoso guitarist has developed a serious career in folk music. A respected composer, producer, songwriter, who is provocative, heart-wise and has his own original style has impressed label executives VIP Records. Read More