Dj Raj

Dj Raj

A true valued artist in today’s ever-growing Bhangra industry must demand a presence; this is exactly what Dj Raj has achieved. When listening to his music, the audience is not only impressed but enticed and hypnotized by the complex and different ideas he uses, combining his individual flair and excentric style to keep the dancefloor rocking.

Dj Raj continues to morph a childhood dream into a reality by taking control of what he wanted, pursing the correct path and displaying sheer determination to defy the odds and anyone who doubted him.  Starting at the tender age of only 13, Dj Raj has shown that his love for traditional and urban bhangra music is a way of life for him and not just a pastime, this is eminent in the confidence and sheer enthusiasm displayed by him.   Shadowing two of the greatest influences on the modern bhangra industry; Dj H and Dj Rags: famous for smash hits such as “Jawani“, “Dupatta”, “Jawani 2” and many more, Dj Raj has been extensively mentored and prepared by the pair picking up the basics and moulding them to create his unique approach to the art of DJing.

Dj Raj has performed in some of the most renowned clubs and venues within Great Britain as an integral part of the world renowned discotechque company – Calibar Roadshow.  Having toured throughout the UK and Internationally in Canada, LA, Amsterdam and India, to name a few destinations, it is safe to say that the progress made so far is only a fraction of what he has set out to achieve.

As a final verification of the above, In early 2012 Dj Raj’s ever-growing potential, great dedication and hard work had been acknowledged by VIP Records, as he now embarks on a new chapter in his blossoming career, working alongside some of the most successful and sought after artists in the UK bhangra industry he aims to complete his debut album ‘On Cue’, set for a 2012 release.  Dj Raj combines his musical prowess with some of the most prominent vocal talents to date, to create what seems to be one of the most highly anticipated debut albums to date.



  1. Arun Sidhu says:

    top class dj, this guy is actually in a class of his own, theres not one time where iv been to a function where he’s dj’ing and he hasnt killed it! wicked signing for vip!!

  2. bobby singh says:

    top dj best i’ve ever seen, can’t wait for your album going to buy it the minute it’s released

  3. Mandeep Kaur says:

    Dj Raj
    I luv ur muzic nd ur so sxc nd fit :)

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