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Epic Bhangra ft Kaka Bhaniawala – Mukhada (Single)

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Release Type: Single         Release Date: 26th June 2014


In the aftershock of bhangra legends like Kuldip Manak, Surjit Bhindrakhia and Chamkila came the next generation of landscape reshaping vocalists, lead by the unparalleled talent of Kaka Bhainiawala. His sudden death in April 2009 brought the bhangra industry to a virtual standstill as fans and artists showered him with tributes. Even after his tragic passing, he continues to mesmerize a multitude of heartbroken fans all over the globe as DJs/Producers release his final material.

One such track entitled “Mukhada” is set to drop this summer and continue the celebration of his legacy. The song is produced by New York based music producer, Epic Bhangra, who recently comes off the success of the hit track ‘Bullet’ (that also featured Detroit based singers Kay-V Singh & Mickey Singh). Over the last 2 years, Epic Bhangra has worked on a wide variety of underground hits featuring vocalists such as Manjit Pappu (Kaim Rahe Sardari, Soorme), Lehmber Hussainpuri (Dil laigee) and Billa Bakshi (Aja Dovey Nachiye).

With “Mukhada”, Epic Bhangra delivers an authentic piece of bhangra production by combining catchy contemporary guitar chords and an organic bassline with some hard-hitting dhol and quintessential vaja/mandolin solos, all merely supporting the breathtaking vocals of the legend, Kaka Bhainiawala. The lyrics are gracefully penned by the highly underrated writer Bhinder Khanpuri, who happens to be the force behind several Kaka’s hits.

The track is set out now on VIP Records

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