Foji Gill

Foji Gill Foji Gill Foji Gill

Having been hard at work over the past three years the Birmingham bred singer, writer and producer, whose influences range from Gurdas Mann and Kuldip Manak to Jagjit Singh, Satinder Sartaaj and Ustaad Rahat Fateh Ali Khan, presents to you his debut album, named after his second single ‘DAFA HOJA’. Foji, who has taken the bhangra scene by storm with his humorous titles (‘BONDHL-GAI, DAFA HOJA, BRUAH’) and addictive videos (SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH) within the last ten months, offers you four new songs and three remixes.

Foji started singing at the tender age of eight after growing up listening to Yamla Jatt, Surinder Kaur, Chamkila, Dildar Sandhu, K-Deep and Jagmohan Kaur to name a few. He was further inspired to pursue his dream of becoming a successful UK Bhangra singer-songwriter with a trip to India aged 13, where he learnt how to read and write Punjabi and began listening to the music of Punjabi artists who at the time were still unheard of in the UK. He wrote his first song – a humorous reworking of Golden Star’s ‘Lumbra De Vere Vich’ – whilst studying at Solihull College.

Foji Honred his vocal range and skills further under the guidance of highly trained Indian classical musician and vocalist Soni Atwal. In 2009 he met with Punjabi ghazal and music director Surinder Khan who helped to further develop his vocal range and who is currently training him on the harmonium, giving him a deeper understanding of Indian classical music.

In 2007, Foji, who has a staggering amount of vocal ability ranging from the fresh and contemporary to a highly astute folksy and traditional sound, started work on his debut album. Taking his guide vocals with him to India where he acquired all the instruments for his tracks. He then booked with Artisan studios in Birmingham where he started work on his album and then later went to Gussy G at Grange studios where the final mixes were completed.


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