Gtown Desi – 1134

Release Type: Album Release Date: 19th March 2010

1. Peerh – Kiranpreet
2. Tor Vehka (Remix) – Jaswant
3. Type of Guy – Nikitta
4. Sharaab – Poonam & Ramesh
5. Jadhoogarni – Bhagwantjeet
6. Naal Nachna (Remix) – Jasa J
7. Lok Tath – Jaswant
8. Be My Soniya – Farita
9. Sprung – Kobi Onyami & Miss Elli ft.Ramesh
10. We Should Roll – G1ft
11. Why You Lie – Charlene
12. Tor Vehka – Jaswant
13. Naal Nachna – Jasa J

Gtown Desi regarded as Scotland’s most unique Urban Asian collective is comprised of 5 individuals from differing backgrounds fused together with talents reigning from Djing, music production, radio hosting and event management.

With combined experience of over 15 years within the club and roadshow circuit, the team share definitive values with all focus based on quality as opposed to quantity.

Members include Bobby B, Jay Jagpal, Oz-e, Mr Vin & DJ Gully with each individual embracing various musical influences which have assisted in the production value of ‘1134’. From such genres as Bhangra, Bollywood, RnB, Grime & House, Gtown Desi have continually catered for audiences within the city of Glasgow commencing their brand with the opening night of the UK’s most exclusive night, ‘Secrets’ during early 2008.

Following on, the group have commanded the Scottish Urban Asian circuit and have revolutionised the Asian nightlife scene within the country.

Now, ‘1134’, the debut album looks to launch the collective on a national and international basis with 5 years previously spent on creating the record. The album features a true range of urban artists from Glasgow as well as international acts in celebrating a universal mix of artists.

The production found within each song is a clear representation of each person’s musical background in generating a sound so raw yet so commercially viable for the Urban Asian market. In comparison to previous products released within the market, ‘1134’ has the backbone and potential to remain unique and inimitable amongst the current pack.

The 1st single, ‘Peer’, is an energetic raw fusion of breakbeat/house elements shot within the streets of Glasgow. Featuring the city’s finest dancers, former Destiny’s Child choreographer set the entire routine with memorable shots representative of the group’s balance of street culture and contemporary urban music influence.

Experience the sound representative of the street from the collective at the heart of the beat.

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