H-Dhami H-Dhami H-Dhami

Buzz acts come and go, but the pertinent feeling amongst those that have heard the results of H-Dhami’s knockout first round with his debut record “Sadke Java” which produced three consecutive hit singles and was championed best selling Bhangra album, credited awards from the likes of MTV, UK Asian Music Awards and many more.

Notably hailing from a family of musical background; son of Palvinder Dhami the legendary lead singer from Bhangra band HEERA, H-Dhami was subject to a blue chip roster of production hands such as Rishi Rich when creating what retailer Amazon called; most downloaded digital Bhangra album of our time. To the stage where H-Dhami began dancing on stage alongside HEERA aged six, he has toured venues that have held over ninety thousand people across the globe.

Of course, since then H-Dhami has racked a fair list of chart topping collaborations on both domestic and international waters. Recording a string of movie soundtracks such as “Ni Aajaa Veh” (Speedy Singh’s) and “Toonpur Ka Super Hero” (Title track) H-Dhami has shown presence in much of the industry. Cited as ambassador for the UK Football Association; he’s been at the forefront of aligning a composite of community projects with charities, ss well as being a leading Ambassador for the Chelsea FC ‘Asian Star 2012′ campaign.

Five years on from the release of “Sadke Java”, we expect the arrival of many projects which are in the pipeline releasing through 2013, such as “Tere Wargi” – A mindblowing duet with Garry Sandhu, featured on DJ Dip’s Album (May 2013), a dance floor anthem on GV’s album (July/Aug 2013), “Tere Naal Rehna” featured on Rishi Rich’s album (Aug/Sep 2013) “The Story So Far” an intimate DVD that tells the story of the trajectory of H-Dhami’s career bearing testimony about his childhood, with scenes from backstage of his last world tour and unseen studio recording footage. All supported by a remix record for H-Dhami’s debut album “Sadke Java” it will house both new tracks as well as remixed and remastered cuts from his previous album (summer release) and then followed by H-Dhami’s brand new singles to release very soon.


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