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JK, real name Jatinder was born and raised in Derby. JK began training to be a vocalist under the tuition of Sukhjit Singh Olk, aka Tru-Skool,

Coming from a family oriented background, JK’s traditional upbringing in a Panjabi household enabled him to maintain a deep connection with his roots and have the ability to speak impeccable Panjabi – a rare quality in most UK born Panjabi’s and many vocalists alike. JK in a number of cases has been mistaken for being born and raised in Panjab.

Being part of a close circle of students/friends, JK also learns the Harmonium and has been doing so under the direction of Tru-Skool since 2000.
Although these days it may sound cliché, JK’s influences include the greats such as Kuldip Manak, Surinder Shinda, Sardool Sikander, Chamkila and Mohd. Saddiq.

JK aspires to progress in this field to sing like his UK inspirations such as Jazzy B, Bhinda Jatt, Avtar Maniac, Meshi, Balwinder Safri and Dippa Dosanjh, the quality of JK’s vocals demonstrate this.

Aside from his association with Tru-Skool, JK, since 2003 has been learning the art of classical singing under the guidance of Pritam Singh, a revered professional of his craft and a world class Tabla player. JK’s furtherance into the world of classical music has been inspired by the greats such as Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan and Ghulam Ali.

JK will continue in the live circuit and a debut album is currently being prepared for release by VIP Records, with JK providing all vocals and even showcasing his ability as a song-writer.



  1. Rosie says:

    Thinking of booking JK do read our review first…

    Amazing is an understatement! We booked JK for my brothers wedding day party on 29th May 2011. JK ran into the party singing…what a shock it was for the family! JK was asked to keep himself undercover until his performance he did just that! His voice is powerful, his performance was outstanding, I have never seen so many asian people run to the dancefloor to dance & scream!! I strongly recommend JK for any wedding party, he surely knows how to rock the party!!! He was spot & really worked the crowd!!!

    My suggestion don’t hesitate to book JK it’ll result in the best wedding party you, your friends and family have ever experienced!!!

    Rosie and Sandeep…

  2. Manmeet singh says:

    Hey Jk
    U r too good buddy….ur voice really has dat punjabi touch,…..i must say DESI touch…only few singers in uk industry has this talent……really bro lve ur voice…..n thnkx 2 tru skool…..givng dis star 2 musical industry…….keep goin JK….WId ALL due respect > JK ROCks <…..:-)
    Tc Mitra…
    Rab Rakha…

  3. Arif says:

    Hey JK ..
    Ur voice is a breath of fresh air .. Your accent & delivery is 2nd to none ..
    Thank u true skool & of course JK ..
    If u wanna fly high den keep,ur feet firmly on da ground my friend ..!! :)
    Ps dear True skool, I did recommend a little while back that u should look into making a movie of the life n times of the Legend Kuldip Manak ji ,& may be JK could star as the master himself ..

  4. sahib singh says:

    Ssa Paji Imma Big Fan Of Yours Your Voice Is Awsum And I ‘ve Dream U Sing Mah Lyrics :)

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