Ranj B – Lets Play

Release Type: Album Release Date: 24th September 2007


01 – Aaja Khediye – Harby Sangha
02 – Teryian Mohabitan – Jatinder Jeetu
03 – Dil Da Janni – Harby Sangha
04 – Dholi Thak Ke Bhegiya – Jatinder Jeetu
05 – Punjabi Gabroo – Daman Mahl
06 – Jag Te Bin Maavan De – Sukhdev Sagar
07 – Gidhe Wich Toon Nachdi – Shinda
08 – Boliyan Part 1 – Sanjay

Ranj has been on the music scene since the 1980s, where he first appeared as a dholki player for Saqi. He played percussion with a number of bands in that era. Ranj then when onto set up his own roadshow and has been busy with the roadshow since.

He has always had a passion for bhangra music and its that passion that has led him to produce Lets Play an album of quality with something there for everyone. Lets Play introduces new upcoming vocalists from Punjab, watch out for Harby Sangha and the 19 year old singer Jatinder Jittu.

With the help of many friends in the music industry Rnnj has finished his album, it has taken two hard years of long hours and sleepless nights to complete this project.

Ranj has taken a lot of care to select the songs, he wanted tracks for everyone and is especially proud of the Maavan track, which I am sure many will appreciate. Ranj also wrote two tracks himself on his album. Visit Ranj’s profile on viprecords.co.uk to find out more.

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