Specialist ‘N’ Tru-Skool – Word Is Born

Release Type: Album Release Date: 25th December 2004


01 – Sanehvaal Chounk – Kaka Bhainiavaala
02 – Saibaa Dha Khath – Kulvinder Singh Johal
03 – Nashia Tho Dhoor – Ranjit Mani
04 – Bindhi Koka – Labh Janjua
05 – Basakhi Vaaleh Meleh – Labh Janjua
06 – Mooho Boldi – Kulvinder Singh Johal
07 – Dhullah – Kulvinder Singh Johal
08 – Thokha – Labh Janjua
09 – Raah Ni Labhney – Labh Janjua
10 – Maama Dhe Poth – Kulvinder Singh Johal

The time is now and the Word is Born!

Word is Born is a collaboration of two highly talented producers who possess an incredibly explosive sound. After years of experimenting in their bedrooms studios they have produced an album that is unique, hard hitting, highly imaginative, and very emotional. Be warned Bhangra music has taken a long awaited step forward.

The Specialist and Tru-Skool, who are both from the Midlands, have successfully managed to encapsulate a sound which is fuelled by vocals from hugely reputable singers such a Kaka Bhainiawala, Labh Janjua and Ranjit Mani as well as introducing a new vocalist from the UK. The tracks that have been formulated by the two crazy scientist have been carefully nurtured to deliver a different feel and sound so it is no wonder that pre-promotional releases of the album the “Word Is Born” have already started making some serious noise on the streets.

The duo have been totally passionate about their music and personal music tastes which they have wanted to share with the world achieving new and exciting musical arrangements mixed with atmospheric sounds. Each has portrayed their own personality into the finished project.

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