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The Dark MC & Angel ft Nav Sidhu – Mind Games (Single)

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Release Type: Single         Release Date: 5th June 2014

DarkMCMindGamesMind Games

The Dark MC and Angel are back and set to tear apart the scene in 2014 with a collection of fresh new anthems. The duo are best known for their smash hit singles such as ‘Chori Chori Takna’, ‘Jaadu’ and ‘Aetbaar’ to name a few.

After the recent success of newcomer Meshi, featuring on the single ‘Dil Mangdi’, the duo are ready to team up with more talent. ‘Dil Mangdi’ is currently dominating the charts and proving to be a success.

The latest forthcoming single to be released by this creative pair is titled ‘MindGames’, which features the vocals of talented youngster Nav Sidhu.
‘Mindgames’ is written by none other than Balkar Laltonwala and promises to live up to past expectations. The single incorporates the use of the Dark Mc’s and Angels’ trademark sound; heavy baselines with catchy synths, but this time taking their renowned sound to a whole new level.

‘Mind Games’ is simply one release from many that the duo have lined up for 2014. With lots of unforgettable content prepared to be released throughout the year, prepare for smash hit singles to continue to come your way.

“Mindgames” releases on the 5th of June on VIP Records

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